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  • Description is exactly "A Friday, October 26, 1906 report of the *Florence Herald* on recent resolutions authored by Florence pastor of St. Mark MB Church, Rev. Lawson J. Green, passed at the 37th annual convention of the Mussel [sic] Shoals Baptist Convention, meeting at Huntsville, on the race issue, in which the delegates asserted that:

    "Whereas peace and harmony exist between the white and colored races in the bounds of this Association, and we are desirous that this peaceful and harmonious relation continue; be it resolved that we do not only put ourselves on the side of law and order, but we propose to stand by the law-abiding element of the white race in their efforts to suppress vice, lawlessness and vagrancy . . ." The delegates further pledged themselves to the speedy apprehension of criminals and due process of the law."
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