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  • Description is exactly "An April 12, 1917 Florence Herald notice for an upcoming mass meeting of the Tri-Cities black community (to which whites are also invited) at the Courthouse in Florence on Tuesday night, April 17, at 7:30 pm for the purposes of discussing the community's response to the war.

    Also an April 20, 1917 Florence Times report of the mass meeting held by the black community of the Tri-Cities, presided over by noted local black educator Prof. Young A. Wallace, at which notable members of the black community make speeches. The African-American community of the Tri-Cities resolves that "We, the Negroes of Florence and the adjacent country heartily endorse the President [Woodrow Wilson] in his decision that a state of war exists between this government and the imperial government of Germany and that we are willing to aid in any way we can to aid and assist in punishing the imperial German government for its crimes and violations of international law . . ."
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