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  • Description is exactly "The September 29, and Sept. 30, 1938 *Florence Times* and *Florence Herald* obituaries of black Florence physician Dr. JA Simpson, MD (1879-1938). Dr. Simpson, one of eleven black physicians, dentists and druggists in Florence between 1890 and 1940, a son of James N. Simpson and Mahala Armstead, was a general practitioner. In 1935 his office was located at 417 S Court. James Simpson's wife's name was Nina E. "Eva" (ca. 1889-1959). The couple appear to have had no children. Dr. Simpson died of a stroke or heart attack immediately after testifying in court on Tuesday, September 27, 1938; his funeral was conducted Friday, September 30 from St. Paul AME Church. He and his wife are buried in the black section of the Florence City Cemetery.

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