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  • Description is exactly "This is a newspaper advertisement for a trust sale in which people belonging to Robert A. Goodloe were to be auctioned off at Barton's corner in Tuscumbia. The people included:
    Jacob, about 40; Jacob's wife Susan, 35; their four children Eliza 11, Evelina 9, Sarah 7, and Hannah, an infant;
    Jim, 30; Tempey, wife of Jim, 30; their two children William, 3 and Willy, an infant;
    Ned, 25;
    Harry Sherrod, 45;
    Lewis, 40; Sarky, wife of Lewis, 35;
    John, 40;
    Phil, 20;
    Abram, 6;
    Barbara, 3;
    Jane, 2.

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