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 Bob Carl was born in Leighton in 1935. He was the first black policeman hired in Huntsville, and became the first black Chief of Police in Triana, Alabama. Bailey owned several record stores, a pool hall in Leighton, and a barber shop. 

In 1972, Bob Carl bought WZZA radio and began broadcasting in the Shoals area. He was the first president of the Shoals Area Business Association and was appointed by former governor Fob James to head up the Alabama Small Business Advisory Committee. A true leader in the Shoals community, Bob Carl passed away in 2001. This collection features items related to this inspiring man. 

This exhibit contains information relating to the enslaved people who were owned by John Coffee and/or his descendents. John Coffee (1772-1833) was a surveyor, land developer, general, and planter who lived in Florence from 1819 until his death in 1833. His Hickory Hill plantation stood near Cox Creek, where there is a cemetery to both the Coffee family and enslaved people and their descendents. 

This exhibit features information about the Mount Zion School. The school was started by a donation from the Rosenwald Foundation and was built by community members in western Lauderdale County.

This exhibit features photographs of people at work in the Shoals.