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  • Description is exactly "A November 15, 1883 Lauderdale (AL) News editorial addressing the alleged concerns of Northern immigrants to the South, which reassured readers that Northern "men of Republicans principles" were welcome in the South, especially in Alabama, and indeed in Lauderdale County, and would be extended every courtesy Southerners enjoyed. The paper guaranteed the free expression of each of their political and socials rights, including, if they so chose, that of associating with "educated, intelligent whites, " or with the Negroes. The editorial noted that Florence/Lauderdale had some whites who preferred the company of Negroes, that such people were allowed to "follow their inclinations" and nobody bothered them about it. Thus "if they [Northern immigrants] want to mix with the negro [sic] they can do so, but they can't do both. Our colored [sic] people would not recognize such a condition of society, neither will the whites."

    The Lauderdale News was a weekly paper published on Thursdays founded by William T. Brock and Henry C. Jones, Jr. ca. 1879. Brock eventually sold his half of the partnership to Jones who sold out to William B. Taylor in January of 1883."
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