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  • Description is exactly "A Thursday, December 21, 1899 *Florence Herald* report of an altercation between two employees of Joseph Milner & Son, Druggists, black employee Bob Buckingham and seventeen year-old white employee Lewis Bibb, in a storeroom at Milner's, which resulted in Buckingham's throat being slit by Bibb. Had Dr. Boyd not been present and quickly intervened to staunch the bleeding Buckingham would've died however his "wound was dressed" and he "will probably be able to be up in a short while." Bibb was arrested and made his $500 bond "immediately." The case would go to trial as soon as Buckingham's wounds were healed. Bibb elects to keep silent until the trial.

    Both Buckingham and Bibb are held to be upstanding, polite young men and "white and black alike hope that the negro's wounds will soon heal.""
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