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  • Description is exactly "This article from June of 1929 reports an altercation between Robert H. Walker, a white government employee from Memphis on a visit home to his brother Andrew Walker's, and a group of between eight and ten black men near the entrance to the O'Neal Plantation on Gunwaleford Road, two miles west of Florence. Walker, accompanied by his mother and sister, alleged that his way was blocked by the blacks and their car, and that on exiting his vehicle he was met with abusive language and forced to defend himself with an automobile crank, after which two of the blacks fired at him. Five black men were arrested by the sheriff--Percy Body (Boddie), Joe Allen Thompson, William Rowell, Charles Ingram, and Nelson Crittendon, with Body and Rowell placed in jail on a $1,000 bond each, charged with assault with intent to murder. "
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